95% of people will agree with me that the first sin they became aware of in church was sexual sin.

Once upon a time i was attending a church where the pastor decided to give some amount of money

monthly to people but for one to be eligible they had to meet certain criteria

  1. The individual must not be in any kind of relationship (no boyfriend or girlfriend). Being in a relationship meant you were living in sin.
  2. They had to be committed to serving in church which was fair enough.

For some reason which i did not understand, the number one criteria which i stated above was really important to him.

I saw a lot of people living fake lives

  • Those who had boyfriends or girlfriends acted like they didn’t, it was as if everyone wore their church hats and masks immediately they got  into church. no one wanted to be seen as sinful.
  • Eye service was the order of the day, people were more concerned about pleasing the pastor instead of God.
  • There was no love, everyone was plastic and you could feel it but they were too scared to speak out.

Unfortunately there is beginning to be a spread of falsehood in our churches, one particular sin that

is always emphasized and frowned on is sexual sin, and all other sins such as
  • envy, strife, malice, divisions, fits of anger, drunkenness rivalries and many others stated in the Book of Galatians which the Apostle Paul talked about have been neglected.

Bear in mind that not all sins were listed in the book of Galatians because there are so many of them.

Most Church People will feel remorseful when they indulge in sexual sin but will not even blink an
eye when they Gossip, backbite, castigate others and are disrespectful.

You cannot Cherry Pick Gods word to suit your Desires and needs, partial obedience isn’t obedience.

All Sins are the same in Gods sight none is greater than the other.

So How about we start focusing on pleasing God in all areas of our lives?

Let the Holy Spirit work His way in you, Guys stop playing Church, know God for yourselves and embrace his Love.

What are your thoughts on the church and its emphasis on sexual sin? Lets hear what you have to say.

Thank you for Reading, Stay thankful.




  1. You hit the nail right on the head. For me, sexual sin is spoken about sooo when it should be purity in ALL aspects of life… maybe because it affects people the most.
    Same way, marriage is “overrated” within the church.
    For me, it’s good to speak of these things but pleasing God in every area of life (single or married) should be the goal. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 Blessed me…

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