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Today  i decided to share my outfits and color choice of the week on the blog, i hope you Enjoy it.

Before Diving into the outfits i will like to point out some few things

  1. Choosing a color scheme for the week helps to prepare your mind and gives you that feeling of being organised.
  2. Play around with your outfits so you don’t get bored, an outfit can be styled in different ways.
  3. Let your outfits and color choice selection be done during the weekends when you are fully rested and mentally prepared.
  4. Remember point number 2 and feel free to repeat your outfits, you owe no one an explanation.
  5. Life doesn’t always go as perfectly as we want to so it is OK to change your mind about an outfit.


1) Hounds Tooth Print Jumpsuit

The number one reason i got this jumpsuit from Amiclubwear was because of how versatile it was.   It was really warm during the day and because i wanted to go for a casual look i paired the jumpsuit with my Grey sneakers which i also got from Amiclubwear they are very breathable and perfect for the spring and summer season.

outfits and color choice of the week
outfits and color choice of the week
2) Casual wear turned into Business look.

Remember what i said concerning playing around with your outfit?

something as little as throwing on a blazer and some heels will make a huge difference. My outfit wasn’t shouting basic anymore instead it was screaming Boss Chic.

Turning your casual wear into office wears
Ready for Business #bossbabe

Other ways you can style an outfit like this is
  • putting on a long sleeve shirt or turtle neck and completing your look with a pair of heels or flats depending on the occasion.
Twitch it up
3)Chic casual look

For this look i put three things into consideration

  1. comfort
  2. weather condition and
  3. The amount of skin on display

The blazer i had on served two purposes which were to keep my hands and shoulders covered since i was already putting on  a skimpy skirt and to keep me from getting cold because the weather has been unstable.

Finished up my look with my favorite pair of sneakers.

Chic casual

4) The upgraded jeans and Blazer look

i don’t know about you but for me my outfit of the week is never complete without jeans. This is a look anyone can recreate. On a side note if you do not have a white Tee please get one they are an essential in every wardrobe.

Outfits and color choice of the week
you cant tell me nothing lol

There you have it my outfits and color choices of the week. i spent the rest of my week indoors so there was nothing else to document.

Thank you for reading.

enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Hi there,

    I am sending you as many positive vibes as I can for you. You look gorgeous. I loved all the outfit you shared and choosing pink color for outfit can be your next style. You don’t forget to wear Pewter charms also.

  2. Love them doc! I’m in love with the chunk sneakers! And all your outfits are fabulous😍 keep up the good work, and I love that you emphasised to repeat clothes, what’s the essence of buying a cloth and not using it again? Good one dear

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