While writing this post about relationship mistakes i made in the past, i knew i had to be really  honest with myself and my readers.

I do hope for someone reading this, that you get to make the right choices either now or in your future relationship.


Of all the relationship mistakes i made, this particular one was one i wish i did not make…

As children of God, we have been given a special gift, which is the Gift of the person of the Holy Spirit to guide, teach and instruct us into making the right Decisions but sadly we tend to ignore his voice and do things our own way.

On countless occasions i prayed to God to give me signs, speak to me and tell me if to go into a relationship or even leave and He did but because i was scared of being alone and also afraid of the the thought of starting all over i remained in the relationships.

One thing i have learnt as i grow in God is that what ever Does not please God but you choose to disobey Him and continue in that path, You will Drain yourself out.

I found myself constantly trying to pick up the pieces, and i was very unhappy.

If you are facing this my advice to you will be let go of fear.. its a better world out there and remember Gods love for you surpasses what any man can give.

2)  compromising on things i never should have compromised on

With ignoring Gods voice comes disobedience.

In my Quest to salvage my supposed relationship i found myself compromising my faith in God and His word. i chose disobedience over obedience.

I felt doing all of the things i wasn’t supposed to do would keep the relationship, in a way it did but not for long..

P.S whatever would make you disobey God and cause you to make stupid compromises isn’t from God or of God stay far away from it.

Relationship mistakes
3) Never fully Healed before jumping into my next relationship

Of all the numerous list of relationship mistakes, this is one that most people are guilty of.

It was as though once one relationship was over the next thing to do was to begin another relationship.

i did not take out time to heal from the previous relationship, i was so used to being with someone that being alone felt very foreign to me.

When you talk about carrying the baggage from a previous relationship onto the next, that was exactly what i was constantly doing and so i encountered the same issues from my past in my current relationship.

With time God began to teach me about myself… i learnt that i loved myself but i had not come to fully embrace Gods love for me, my love for myself wasn’t enough.

4) I never learnt to separate my life from theirs

That girl that somewhat lost herself in a relationship was me..

i was too attached. i did not know when to step back and be my own person.

This is not to say don’t love your partner or don’t involve them in your affairs, i am saying find a balance.

Do not loose yourself, chase your dreams and your passion, be considerate but be wise also.

5) my friendship with other people suffered

You know how you have a new boo thang in your life and all of a sudden you just Go missing?

No one hears from you again.. am actually cracking up as i write this.

This is funny but really sad at the same time.

It wasn’t something i did consciously, as a matter of fact i did not even realize  i was doing it until one of my friends drew my attention to it.

Real friendships are rare so if you have that, hold on to it do not let any man or woman take you away from your friends.

Are there any relationship mistakes you have made? please feel free to leave your comments.

Thank you for reading.

Have a lovely day ahead.

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  1. Beautiful post Doc! thanks for sharing. In the past i was in a toxic relationship and I found it difficult to say Enough. I prayed to God and he gave me the courage to tell the guy no and now I’m married to a God-fearing man. We need to listen to God when He speaks to us.

    1. Saying o requires strength and not just any kind of strength but the God kind of strength. Thank you for sharing your experience also. God bless you

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