idols from the christian point of view are anything that takes the place of God in ones life.

idols could come in the form of family members, social media, your job, academics, relationships, material things excetera.

one of the things Jesus frowned upon was idol worship and he made it clear in the book of Exodus Chapter 20:3  which says

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

someone reading this might be asking, Does that mean God wants me to

  • spend less time with my family.
  • Not take my job seriously.
  • ignore my spouse and not desire good things?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.

God wants us to have every good thing.

James Chapter 1 verse 17 says

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

So what is God saying in Essence? He is saying

  • Exalt nothing else above me.
  • Let me (God) be what drives you.

Now that we know what God desires of us, how do we identify the idols in our lives?

1) They take you away from God:

I have had to deal with a lot of idols in my life and one of them is social media. Does that sound familiar?

i would spend hours on my phone and even push my prayer time forward because i wanted to finish watching a you tube video or finish scrolling through my Instagram feed.

when i finally dropped my phone i would be too tired to pray, mumble on my words and just sleep off.

This cycle continued until God brought my attention to it. In my case it was Social media, yours might be

  • your spouse,
  •  kids or even your job.

When it comes to God we have to give him our 101% because He is our life.

The bible says In Acts Chapter 17:28

For in him we live and move and have our being.’[a] As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring
  • Set a time apart for yourself maybe an hour or even 30 mins everyday
  • you can also choose to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone.

let this time be your God and me time, trust me it would make a huge difference.

2) You are tied to them:

Earlier this week i was reading about a very wonderful lady in the bible and she reminded me of another wonderful person.

These two people  both had something in common.. they gave the most important thing in their life to God.

Hannah Was barren and while  she prayed to God for a child, She told Him that she would give the child back to him if God granted her hearts desire.

Imagine giving up the only child you waited for years to have.

Even those who aren’t parents would say a big No to this but that wasn’t so in Hannah’s case.

Abraham whom today we call the father of many nations did the same thing with his only son Isaac.

You can Click Here to read the complete story.

This individuals gave life back to God because they had the understanding that God was the giver of life anyways and He could give them as many kids as They want…

let me bring this back home maybe giving up life is too much

Did you know that some people are so attached to their clothing (am talking about clothing
which has not been worn for years) that even when there is a greater need for it,they cant give it up.

Let me ask you this question WHAT ARE YOU TIED TO?

3)They always come Before God.

i have heard people say family over Everything and i want to believe that statement comes from a place of love..

if you love someone you would want to go any length for them right?

However one who Truly Understands who God is would know that God comes over everything.

One of the biggest mistakes we as people make is that we treat God as an OPTION instead of our EVERYTHING.

When God comes First every other thing falls in place because when there is ciaos you always have God to run back to.

My Dad will always say to me Beauty Do not Forget God comes First.

What comes first in your life? what makes your heart beat?

4)Idols make you conform to your own will instead of Gods will.

Our christian walk and journey is a very interesting and i would say delicate one because it is very easy for us to be distracted or sidetracked since we live in times when people are more focused on doing “what makes them happy”

instead of what makes God happy.

Look around you.

  • Different ideologies are pushed towards us to make us forget the truth of Gods word.
  • we are constantly reminded that Gods word is outdated.
  • people are conforming to the worlds way of doing things instead of Gods way.

God has called us to live separate and sanctified lives and he has promised to strengthen us in our journey so hold on to him.

Thank you for reading, Feel free to drop your comments.

Have a great week ahead.



  1. Another great piece Doc! This is a very deep and wonderful topic! Social media can be very distracting… We should always remember to put God first in everything we do. Spirit filled post. Happy Sunday and have a great week

  2. 1.”…people are conforming to the worlds way of doing things instead of Gods way.”….

    2″One of the biggest mistakes we as people make is that we treat God as an OPTION instead of our EVERYTHING”

    Thanks Doc.. Very deep message.. May God bless you with more knowledge of His Word.

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