on the 2nd of June, for the first time in my life i went Camping. i packed my things and left for a place called Buymerovka.

I was going to be teaching  kids English language, there was a mixture of excitement and nervousness because i did not know what to expect.

This was my chance to explore somewhere new since i had never left my city even after being in Ukraine for six and half years.

My stay at the camp has not ended but i have learnt a lot so far and i feel these are things which anyone looking for a new adventure should try out.

1) you get to explore your creative side.

regardless of the kind of camp you are going for, camping somehow gets you to reach deep within and brings out a creative side of you which you never knew was there all along. It might be

  • learning to make a fire in the wild when you have little or no resources for it.
  • having to keep yourself entertained in a place without internet connectivity or network reception.
  • Trying out a new kind of sport…

In my case since i was in a camp where i had to teach kids, looking for ways to constantly keep them entertained during the classes was my daily goal.

i had to come up with ideas which i knew i wouldn’t have had the opportunity to think about if i wasn’t present at the camp.

Get ready to wow yourself .

2) Appreciating the gift of nature and breathing unpolluted air.

Camping definitely made me appreciate nature more, it was like every

  • tree, plant, insect, flower and so on

told a story of their own…

Don’t get me wrong, the mosquitoes and bugs were annoying as hell because they still managed to feed on me even after using insect repellents.

However it  didn’t stop the fact that they all played a role in keeping our environment habitable.

The air in the wild felt very clean and way different from what we breathe in the city and am sure  my lungs were super thankful for that.

3)Learning to  Live outside of your comfort zone.

The camping life was definitely different from the life i lived in the city. initially it was hard but i learnt to adapt.

The camp is far away from the city and each time one had to buy something, you had to call a taxi which was quite expensive.

On a brighter side

  • i got to learn to manage the little i had.
  • saved more money from not having to buy unnecessary things and
  • Budgeted wisely.
4) living to Enjoy the moment becomes your daily goal

Going camping is like taking a break from the outside world and immersing yourself into what is happening around you at every given point in time.

I have learnt a lot just being around the kids especially the very  little ones who are not yet obsessed with phones.

  • You get to have real fun and
  • share real laughter without being distracted.
5) Looking for more inspiration? Go camping.

some of the best blog posts i have written came during my stay in this camp… i began to see things clearly for what they truly were

Being in a place where you can think and have a clear mind is of utmost importance and cannot be overemphasized and sometimes that requires you to leave a place you are used to and go somewhere new.

do you see yourself going camping anytime soon?

Thank you for reading…

Have an Amazing weekend.



  1. Hmmm Now I’m thinking of giving it a try but how will I deal with insects🙈🙈 But I would do it if I get the chance to. Beautiful write up as always

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