Is there anything we can truly learn from children? one might ask. My answer is yes a whole lot

so what can we learn from Children?

1) you learn to forgive easily.

Kids do not have the time and energy to hold a grudge, this moment they are upset with you and the next minute they want ice cream from you and life goes on.

I understand there are some wrongs that when committed you begin to ask yourself how in the world you can actually forgive such a thing, but that doesn’t mean forgiveness cannot be rendered.

If God can forgive us for all the evil we do, then we can also learn to forgive others.. if you have a forgiveness problem, talk to God about it and seek appropriate help.

children giving each other a hug

2) Learning to consciously choose to live joyfully.

One might argue that kids have nothing to worry about and i totally agree with you.

However after being around kids for quite sometime i have realized that they derive joy from the very little things. and we can learn from that.

you don’t have to  wait for the biggest things or biggest events to happen for you to be happy or joyful.

Real joy and happiness isn’t conditional… it is a type of  attitude which says i know today isn’t my best day but i choose to be joyful regardless.

3) Honesty becomes a thing of value.

Kids have no filter lol… They say it like it is

Of course we have to be mindful of the things we say and how we say it in order not to hurt people.

  • It is very wrong for you to see your friend looking like a mess, about to leave the house and you say nothing about it… Don’t be a hater/Enemy of progress.
  •  when someone looks good, learn to compliment them.
  • Let your yes be yes and your no be know.
4) You realize everyday is a day to have fun.

I had this kid in one of my English classes who came to me before the class started and asked that i should release them early, out of curiosity i asked him why and he said he wasn’t feeling too well.

i asked him to just sit and watch.

When the class began, he chose to  participate and even won the game i played with them..

After the class he said he couldn’t miss out on the fun.

Do not take life too seriously.

5) Leading an active lifestyle.

children definitely keep you on your toes, and they remind us of how important it is to stay active.

your body is your temple and it is your responsibility to take care of it the best possible way that you can.

6) They teach you to be fearless

My dad used to  say i always ended up doing the things he asked me not to do.

As a kid i was so inquisitive, at times i would unscrew things and try to fix it back..

Being around kids and seeing them go for what they want reminds us as adults that there is no need to be scared of chasing our dreams.

7) you learn to let your feelings about people known.

A kid once said to me Beauty i love you and i don’t care about the color of your skin… how amazing is that?

As adults we tend to hold back our emotions, we are scared of what someone would say, and how they would react when we let our feelings known..

let the people around you know how much you love and cherish them, if they take you for granted then it is their loss.

we are not promised tomorrow so live today like its your last.

8) We learn to Embrace our differences

as the only black person in a camp of more than 100 kids, there has never been a day or time when i felt different about myself as regards to my race.

The kids are usually curious to know why some of my features are different from theirs, and they always compliment me… i of course let them know they are beautiful the way they are.

if only adults could act this way and not think of themselves as more important than the next individual, the world would be a great place to live in.

9) You learn to get back up when you fall.

Ever seen a child who is  learning to walk for the first time? it is such a beautiful and funny sight to behold. It reminds us that for every big victory a little step is required and you keep trying until your goal is reached.

10)  Constant dependability on God

Children believe their parents will meet all of their needs regardless of

  • what the need is and
  • what length  they have to go to get it.

our relationship with our heavenly father should be that way also..

we ought to believe without a doubt that God is always with us and would always come through for us.

Are there any lessons you have learnt from being around children? feel free to share your thought.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Another beautiful post Doc! Hope you are working on writing the book?😉 I’m in love with this post. As a mother and an educator, I’m surrounded with children. I believe that if everyone has childlike attributes, this world will be a better place.

  2. if only kids could remain kids.. lol… beautiful and insightful write up. keep it up, looking forward to more posts..

  3. A great insight indeed! Kids give heartfully, love completely and live beautifully ❤
    They never break hearts and are super warm to people they get love from.
    So much to learn from those little cute beings!!
    Great post 👏👏

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