Birthday Inspiration… My Journey to self discovery

Hy Guys,

I have not been posting as often as I used to due to the nature of my job, but I will try to keep to a more consistent schedule and that will be twice in a week for now. Mondays and Thursdays would be my upload days and if time permits I might post thrice a week so fingers crossed.

I celebrated my birthday on the 26th of September, yes I know its far gone but its never too late to write and let you guys in on the things I have learnt so far.

As I approached 25 a lot began to change about me and I began to need more, I just got to a place in my life where  being transparent, open and clear about my needs became a topmost priority for me (not like I have never been a transparent person).

I would highlight few of the changes that have happened so I don’t bore you guys.

  1. I have learnt to differentiate my needs from my wants
Birthday inspiration

I don’t know why it took this long for me to get my act together lol but so far am enjoying the place I am at… learning to separate my needs from my wants has helped and saved me a lot of stress. its like a soul surgery where I get to ask myself tons of  questions and making a decision to let the “Wants” go and stick to the needs. Bear in mind that some of the wants seemed like needs few years ago but with Gods wisdom I have been able to see things more clearly..

2. Defining things for what they truly are

Birthday Inspiration
what are we? what do you want? what do I want…..

This one is somewhat similar to the first point but also different in the sense that it had to do with a very delicate aspect of my life… I honestly had the courage just few days ago to encourage myself and tell myself that it is ok to define things especially when it comes to our emotions. There is no point wasting time over something which you obviously know wasn’t/isn’t  going anywhere. if you are at this place in your life Currently I just want to let you know you will be fine, take that bold step few days/months/years from now I bet you, you would be glad you did what you did.

3. unapologetic

Birthday inspiration
I refuse to deny my feelings to make everyone else comfortable

This is not being Rude, and  I will always apologize when am wrong…. when I say unapologetic I am saying

  • I choose to live in my truth
  • we all deserve to be happy and to embrace life to the fullest, so I am going to explore and reach deep into those things which I would not do normally, not minding what someone somewhere has to say.
  • I would only explain my choices when I really need to.
  • I choose to be me

4. Being open (life can take you by surprise)

Birthday Inspiration
Do not limit yourself

My dad once said to me do not put yourself in a box, you can fall in love with someone you never thought in your wildest dream you would, you can travel to a place you never pictured yourself travelling to, you can learn something you never had interest in, there is always something better don’t limit yourself…. Thank you Daddy I love you.  I am definitely open and am not scared of failing it can only get better.

5. Asking a lot of why’s

Asking myself why has helped me to do  things for the right reasons and not just because I have to do them. Never be scared to ask why, you would be shocked at how one answer can change your perspective on how you previously saw something.

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Staying focused while shopping


I am certain 90% of people have walked into a shop with the intention of buying one item, lets say a BAG  or a SCARF and they ended up leaving with the total opposite of what they had in mind in the first place… I can testify to this.

So How do we get to discipline ourselves when we go shopping and not get carried away? here are some of my tips.

  1. Before you go shopping ask yourself this questions.

I know I know no body got time for that… But trust me if you are on a budget and you know how much every penny you spend means, you wouldn’t mind engaging yourself in a serious and true conversation. Questions such as

  • Do I really need to go shopping?
  • How important is this item I am about to buy?
  • Do I see myself making a good use of this item?
  • Can I do without it?

Of course there are some items which you do not need to think twice about because they are very important… Having this kind of conversation with yourself would save you the stress of going shopping at the wrong time and also prevent you from getting those unnecessary items.

2. Go with the exact amount of money or a little above the amount you budgeted for.

On several occasions I have gone shopping with too much money than I needed and am sure you know the end of the story, I ended up buying Extra things..

I would advice you know how much, or have an estimate of the price of the item/items you are willing to purchase then take an extra amount (Not something so huge). Having the exact amount would help you stay focused, you can only end up admiring those items you wished you could get but cant get at that moment….

You would get home and be happy about the choice you made and life goes on.

3. Be accountable to yourself

How long would you continue the cycle of getting home and wishing you had spent less or stuck with your budget? set a goal and stick to it, it is not easy I know but you can do it. Think of how much you would be saving and how much you can actually be able to count on yourself as someone who set a goal and was able to accomplish it.

4. Go shopping with the right people

I don’t like to shop alone, it is very boring for me, so if you are someone like me please do not go shopping with someone who you know would make you buy something you really do not need in your life. whenever I have an urge of buying an item which wasn’t part of my budget I love to ask whoever am with questions, because I know at that moment I am not really thinking right.

  • what do you think about this item?
  • Do you honestly think I need it?
  • is it worth the price?

Simple questions like this asked to the right person would save you a lot of headache and help you get your act together.

5. Set a day in a month, two months, or even a day in a year to splurge on yourself

I know the blog is about how to stick to the budget, but Hey Treating yourself with some nice items isn’t bad after all as long as you do not go broke trying to do that.

Do not be too hard on yourself, so while you get to save more money while sticking to your budget you can also buy some extra items… Get to enjoy the money you have worked hard to earn.

This is beneficial because once you do it, the urge to get some not so necessary items would reduce (or maybe not lol).

6. Visit They have the most affordable items. 

I got my scarf and cute bag from their store. spend your money wisely..

sticking to the budget
Enjoying the weather and keeping myself warm with this beautiful scarf and bag
Staying focused while shopping
Rainy Day but nothing a scarf cant solve

Sticking to the budget

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see yourself differently


Today’s topic is one that was suggested by an amazing friend and sister, I felt so honored when she asked me to write on this so shout out to you girl and every other person who is reading this.

Truth be told I have never had to deal with low self esteem, but I have been around people who had to battle with this issue and I know it is not a good place to be.

I am not an expert, but I would like to think some of this tips am about to share would help whoever is reading this and hopefully you break out of that shell and be who you really want to be and who God has intended for you to be.

So how does one deal with low self esteem???

  1. Identify the cause of the issue
Dealing with low self esteem
Identifying the root of the matter

Ask your self why you feel the way that you do? think back to when you first started feeling like you weren’t good enough, Did someone say something to you which you just couldn’t let go of? I believe if you are able to identify the cause of the issue then you would be able to move on to the next phase which is.

2. Time to face the issue no more hiding

So you have identified the issue, it is time to face it… your issue might be that you feel  you are not beautiful enough or someone called you ugly and you have carried that with you for as long as you know, so much so that you cannot look at yourself in the mirror……. It is time for you to look at yourself in the mirror and see just how perfect you are.

The first week would be very difficult but don’t quit take it one step at a time begin to love every bit of yourself, you can begin with your eyes and then move to your nose, your ears….. with time you would begin to see how whole you are.

maybe you Stammer and you cant even stand your own voice talk more of talking to people, begin by talking to yourself… do it daily learn to love your voice and the way you sound, try to read around those you love and gradually you would see a change.

If you get so nervous when you are around people, I mean who doesn’t? we all feel that way or have felt that way at some point, I would say be around people who make you feel comfortable and as you begin to build up your confidence you can decide to move on to a bigger crowd.

3. Believe in yourself stop doubting your capabilities

dealing with low self esteem

I know low self esteem can be so bad that it puts so much fear into you and makes you believe you cannot do anything, or you are not good enough…. That is a lie, you are enough and no one is as unique as you are it is time to let go of that fear…

just take a second to think right now , what is that thing you have failed to do because you were scared and you did not feel good about yourself? Go on and give it a try, it might not go well the first time but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Your next move might just be an answer to someone’s prayer so what is stopping you?

4. Stop talking down on yourself

Dealing with low self esteem

You might not feel good about yourself, but it is not a reason for you to talk yourself down, as a matter of fact there should be no reason whatsoever for anyone to talk down themselves.

If someone tries to tell you how good for nothing you are, please quickly shut them up. let them know God does not and would never create anything that is not good, you have been created in Gods  image and you are only allowed to speak life over yourself

Carry yourself and see yourself the way God sees you….Time to think and speak differently…

Have you spoken life over yourself today?

5. Don’t try to fit into the status quo

dealing with low self esteem
You are unique

Have you ever thought for a moment that maybe you are having self esteem issues because you are trying to fit in too hard into where you aren’t even meant to be in the first place or you are trying to be who God has not intended for you to be?

It is ok to be different, you can make a change by standing out… God has given each of us something different from the other person, stop looking to fit into other peoples way of life and ignore what God has given to you.

Create your own path

6. Be thankful

When you are thankful for the life you have and contented with what God has given to you, there would be no room for sadness… you would literally see everyday as a miracle.

Let thankfulness be a way of life for you

What are you thankful for today?

feel free to live your Comments and Suggestions , I would love to hear from you guys….

Have a great day ahead

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I am sure most of you are conversant with this Saying about how short life is, but how many of us really take out time to ponder on it and act on it?

This past month has been a really stressful one for me and I did a lot of thinking…. I was becoming too stressed out and it was affecting me in all areas.

I had to call myself to order and I must Say the major thing which brought me healing was prayer. So outside of Prayer what did I do?

  1. I told myself I had only one life to live and if God Forbid something tragic happens to me, life would go on… it wouldn’t stop because of me.
  2. I worried Less, I stopped thinking about what would happen the next moment or the next day.. I started focusing on the present.
  3. I took out time to breathe and to appreciate what I have in front of me and the life which I currently have.
  4. I complained less.. the way I complained this past month hmmm I don’t know how those I was venting to managed to cope with me, but I guess that is why God Placed them in my life to be there as a support. I started being more appreciative and thankful, it was one of the best decisions I made
  5. I learnt and am still learning to see the good and positive in every thing. some days nothing makes sense but I think about something positive and if I cant find any, I thank God I am alive.
  6. I faced that which I was afraid of and was stressing me out…. I saw it as a challenge and I was willing to conquer it.

Life is short, I know things wont always go smoothly but you can make something beautiful out of the most stressful situation. live don’t just exist, take things one step at a time. if you need to go out and just inhale the air do it, Listen to your body, know when to stop and when to continue, laugh more, surround your self with positive people and above all be your biggest encourager.

This blog would not be complete if I do not acknowledge God, God Got me through the toughest of times, I prayed and each time I did, I felt peace, being in His presence was always refreshing…. Do not hesitate to talk to your maker He is the best friend you can have.


Some pictures I took during the Week. enjoying the beautiful life God has given me.

Enjoying the sun with my Browless face
Breathe and count your Blessings
I am not always glammed up makeup free….

Have a blessed day ahead

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Never outdated


These Tips I am about to Share are what I call my Golden Rule…. They are golden because they do not discriminate they are for all ages, nationality, race, size you name it.

We live in a world where people are so concerned about what is trendy, what is fashionable, the in thing… but we can get so carried away that we forget about things that really matter which is why I am here to remind everyone.

NO 1: Good Manners

Have you been around someone who looks so well put together on the outside, but the very moment you come close to them you realize how bad their manners are? that is really a turn off. Beauty will fade, trends will come and go but having good manners would never be outdated.

Be polite, throw that arrogant attitude out of the door.

Apologize when you are on the wrong.

Be thankful, appreciate the good that has been done to you/for you.

Do not be one to start a fight……

you cannot buy good manners with money, it begins with you and your desire to make a positive impact.

NO 2: A seasoned speech

I love the Chapter of the bible which says let your speech be seasoned with grace.

Do not be one to talk others down, don’t be the one people run to when they are about to Gossip, stop putting people down by the words you say to them.

if you have an advice for someone say it in a way that it doesn’t turn out to be offensive and be sure you are giving such a person an advice because you truly care about them not because you are being shady.

Think before you speak do not think after you finish speaking…


You do not see someone going through a hard time and you ignore, you feel you are not the one going through that difficulty so why should you care…. Trust me life can happen to anyone… Show some Compassion, render as much help as you can and lift such people up in Prayers .

Do not laugh at the failures of others.

I Know some people Can really get on our nerves but two wrongs cannot make a right so wishing such people bad is not the way to Go. you and I can do better….


Did you know so many people have missed out on important life changing moments/opportunities because they were proud?

When I say be humble I am not saying allow people take advantage of you, of course you need to know when to draw the line…

I am saying stop feeling you are better than anyone else.

Things  cannot always go your way, other peoples ideas and suggestions also matter.

Stop looking down on others and seeing them like Trash.

Be teachable, you can learn from a toddler keep your heart open.

My dad would always say if you stay humble, you would go far in life.


Avoid Distractions, you do not start a project and not complete it.

Be determined to see the end result of that project you have started

Do not forget every successful and big thing you see today began from a heart which was determined to see the end product of their goal and vision.


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Never outdated
Beauty comes from within
Never Outdated
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Never Outdated
Date ready
Never Outdated
Just the perfect Length

Please Feel Free to share your thoughts, Comments and Suggestions

Have A great Weekend

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Too Busy for God?


Hy  Dear Reader welcome back to todays blog.

I began a series last week based on the above topic, if you did not get to read it please kindly click HERE so you can catch up. Todays blog post would be a continuation from where I stopped last week.


Too busy for God
True satisfaction comes from God, not things or people

No matter the kind of satisfaction your job or whatever it is that is keeping you busy brings, only God can truly satisfy you, he alone can feel up voids. The things you are enjoying today are only temporary meaning they would fade…. bear in mind that no one and nothing will stick to you and be by your side patiently, with all consistency, without an iota of complaining like God would.


Too busy for God
God is your life

God is the Core of your Being, take him away and there would be no you… He is not a substitute so nothing should ever come before him. you do not go on with  life without consulting the one who gave you the life in the first place, you do not get to live it carelessly. This is a truth I had/have to keep reminding myself daily and it is something I would urge you reading this post to bear in mind, it would really shift your focus and you would no longer see God as an accessory because he isn’t and would never be.

Remember every day you wake up is a gift you contributed nothing into creating a new day.

TIP NO 6:  Do The needful

Too Busy for God
Do the Needful

One of my favorite chapters of the bible is Luke chapter 10:38-42

 As Jesus and the disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem they came to a village where a woman named Martha welcomed them into her home. 39 Her sister Mary sat on the floor, listening to Jesus as he talked.

40 But Martha was the jittery type and was worrying over the big dinner she was preparing.

She came to Jesus and said, “Sir, doesn’t it seem unfair to you that my sister just sits here while I do all the work? Tell her to come and help me.”

41 But the Lord said to her, “Martha, dear friend, you are so upset over all these details! 42 There is really only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it—and I won’t take it away from her!”

Isn’t it amazing how much we get too caught up in activities and forget to do the needful which is staying at the masters feet and communing with him in prayer and study of the word. Martha was upset because while she was Preparing Dinner her sister was busy with Jesus listening intently to what he had to say. One would think Jesus was going to ask Mary to go help her sister out but He didn’t. It just goes to show how much God loves to fellowship with his beloved, nothing gets Him as excited as one who is willing to continuously and consciously spend time in His presence. I am not asking you not to take care of your business for the day, you can do that and still fellowship with God by meditating on his word, talking to him, singing, which ever way you want. God loves to be involved so involve Him.

I really hope this tips helped…

I am thinking of doing more series so please stay tuned for that.

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Have an amazing week ahead.

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Fashion Inspiration


I struggled with what to write for this particular blog, I wanted to write on something different and all the ideas I had didn’t just sit right with me.

I finally decided to write on fashion inspiration because whether we like it or not, There are people out there who are not happy with the way they look. people have become depressed due to body image issues and my goal is that someone reads this and be inspired.

I often hear people say to me, you have the perfect figure, you have no issues I just smile most of the times but little do they know I have my insecurities. I would be very blunt here, and I feel like I am going to get myself into trouble for writing this but it is ok.

I never loved my boobs I always felt they were too big for a slim girl like me and it drew attention. I know someone is saying Beauty you are crazy what boobs are you talking about? well I always wished they were smaller…. At some point I began to realize it was a thing of the mind and God who created me this way isn’t foolish. I have learnt to embrace it and I put on outfits which I know I would be comfortable in.

Love yourself, your body doesn’t define you, do not get carried away by what you see on social media because most of it isn’t real… Embrace that which God has endowed you with.

Be your biggest fan… if you have some problem areas  please your first solution shouldn’t be plastic Surgery except if it is something that is life threatening. Surround yourself with positive people not people who are about the fake life…

Eat healthy, Exercise regularly, be mindful of your mental health, do not be afraid to go for therapy sessions because they are very helpful. if you cannot afford that, talk to someone you can trust.

Bear in mind that once You are at a good place mentally and emotionally then you will feel good on the outside. There are a bunch of people who lost a lot of weight but still went into depression because they did not focus on their mental health, likewise there are slim people who feel fat and wish they were slimmer (that is another mental issue) so Please focus on your mental Health and seek help.

Be your motivation, It can be really difficult at times but that doesn’t mean you cant do it. cheer up yourself and know that there is more to you than your Body, Don’t forget there are people out there wishing they had legs, arms, a perfectly functioning Nose… just like yours.  you have been Created Fearfully, wonderfully, and perfect  in Gods image.

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crossbody Bag

 Have an Amazing weekend

Stay motivated….

Fashion Inspiration
Enjoying the last days of summer
Fashion Inspiration
Beautiful Bag to go with a beautiful dress
fashion Inspiration
Ruffles Everyday please 
Too Busy for God


Too busy for God?
When life Happens

Todays topic is quite a sensitive one, because it is something I have been battling with for the past one month.

I have been really busy for quite some time now, and I was failing at managing my time.

I want to believe I am not alone on this one, and even if I am, it would be nice for me to share my experiences and help someone out there who is trying to figure out how to properly manage their time and not prioritize other things above God.

How do I manage to

*Have quality time with my creator without timing myself because if I don’t, that would be me loosing time.

*keep fit ( I suck at working out at home so going to the gym is really essential for me)

*work 9hrs at my job

*write for my blog and post before the deadline which has been given (for those who do not know, most companies which we bloggers work with, gives us a stipulated time for us to review their items on our blogs.

*Focus on quality and not just quantity pertaining my blog

*Have quality time for myself and the people I love.

*study for my upcoming Exams

These were some of the issues I was faced with, it is a lot but I would stop here.

I somehow managed to make time for all of these things but I was failing in the most important aspect of my life which is HAVING TIME FOR GOD.

BY the time I am eventually done with work for the day, I have dinner and all I can think about is sleeping….. At times I get carried away with some activities which I missed out on during the day and before you know it I AM SLEEPING ALREADY.

It is the next day, I manage to wake up early because I have to, it is time to pray but I am dozing off, I decide to sleep a bit more and time is going.

I quickly wake up, get ready for the gym and the day continues……. The cycle continues….

Maybe your story is similar to mine or worst than mine, you feel like you have lost it completely and you want to get back on track and have that amazing relationship you used to have with God before things took another Turn.

With Gods help I was able to gradually get back on track, I am not fully there but this tips I am about to share has helped me tremendously.


If you do not realize there is a problem, how would you get the help that you need?

I had to have a deep conversation with myself and by doing so the need for change sprang up within me.

The first step in solving a problem is being aware that there is a problem and you are left with a decision of either solving the problem or not.


Too busy for God
Give the devil no room.

The second tip was gotten  from one of the bible studies we had in church and it stuck with me. Have you realized that we can go about our day doing things that do not benefit, watch all episodes of a series without blinking an eye, engage in meaningless conversations…..

But when it comes to communing with God in prayers we automatically shut down, we get bored… why so? if we truly love this God.

The devil knows there is so much power, wisdom, strength, revelation when we spend time with God and so he looks for means to distract us.



No one can understand your struggles like God would, so prayerfully ask him for wisdom on what to do in that area which you are failing…..


Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions

Have a great day ahead…..

stay motivated…


Date night Ideas


Let me start off by saying, I am more of a home buddy, Netflix and chill kind of girl but once in a while, going out on a date not necessarily with your significant other but also with your friends is needed.

So you have a date night and you really need some good advice on

what to do, what not to do, what outfit would be perfect for this occasion…..

In Essence you want the evening to go perfectly fine, worry no further I have really simple tips to help you achieve the perfect date night you desire.


It does not matter if you are familiar with this person or you are just going out for the first time, please keep to time. Keeping to time shows that you respect your date and it makes you look professional. If for some reason life happens and you cannot meet up with the scheduled time, be responsible enough to let your Date know you would be late.

Do not forget first impressions matter and lasts long.

Date night ideas
Just in time.


What you do not want to do is show up looking like you were dragged out of the house.

It can be as simple as ironing your cloth, put that rumpled cloth away not tonight sis/Bro. Be it a casual Date or a Date in a Nice restaurant be sure to look your best and still be comfortable.

Date night ideas
Put some thought into that outfit


Regardless of the occasion I believe that everyone should know their body, and know what colors and patterns works best for their skin tone and body shape.

opt for colors that are not too bright, and would help hide that food baby which most of us have after a good meal.

In this picture as you can see I opted for a dress with horizontal patterns instead of vertical.  I did that because I am tall and quite slender so opting for a vertical patterned dress would only make me look taller.

The horizontal patterns gave me an illusion of a more curvy body, and the length was just perfect enough to still help maintain my tall figure.

A combination of red and black color was the perfect mix.

Date night Ideas
The perfect Date night Dress with the perfect pattern


As you put thought into choosing the right outfits, do not forget to brush your teeth and use a nice deodorant. It must not be an expensive perfume.

You don’t want your date or even yourself feeling uncomfortable.                                           Say no to bad breath and body odor.


First of all being confident isn’t restricted to dates only.

You should be confident in yourself every single day knowing you have been created in Gods image and likeness.

Love yourself. Do not try to be fake let people or whoever see and know the real you.


Date night ideas
Confidence is sexy


I think I talk about accessories a lot in my fashion related blogs.

I am not so much into accessories but whenever I have one on I try to keep it simple and classy.

Be careful when choosing your accessories, I would advice people to go for simple cute earrings and necklaces.

Don’t forget your tiny bags they come in very handy especially when you need a place to keep your lip-gloss and powder.

Date night ideas
keeping it simple with the accessories

I hope this Tips were helpful

Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions….

Have a great weak ahead

stay motivated….