SUNSHADES: I always liked sunshades but I was always scared to buy them because I felt I looked Ridiculous wearing them I just didn’t know what sunshades were best for my face shape. Since I now understand my face shape I literally long for the sun to be out so I can Rock my shades. They protect your eyes from the sun, make you look sleek, more confident and just tops up your whole look. On days when You don’t feel like putting on makeup or you are not just feeling your face, trust me sunshades would help you solve that problem. I especially love this sunshades which I got from SZALEO they are the best sunshades I have had, very qualitative fits perfectly on the face and to top it up they are really cheap.

Click HERE to read on picking the right sunshades for your face shape

HANDBAGS: school bags have always been my thing but there are occasions and outfits which definitely needs a handbag. Just like sunshades, handbags are always a win regardless of the size or shape. I personally prefer bags with extra straps like the one I have on in this picture because they come really handy In all seasons( when it is too cold and you want to go hands free and also in the summer). I also got this bag from SZALEO you won’t believe my heels fit into this bag, the straps are adjustable and can be removed if you feel like carrying it as a clutch. They looked way better in real life, superb material with beautiful button detail. I would recommend it to anyone.

WRISTWATCHES: Am I the only one who forgets to put on their wristwatch? Even if we can easily check the time with our phones, wristwatches are really great accessories and they also speak well of the individual who has them on( even if they don’t keep to time lol). There are so many stylish wristwatches out there and you don’t even have to worry about putting on bracelets because they are already serving that purpose.

Are you into wristwatches? Let me know.

NECKLACE: They look great on both men and women.I personally prefer the smaller almost non existent necklace ( silver to be precise) but whatever your Choice is they definitely add more life to an outfit.

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Trends come and go, but there are just somethings I believe everyone (yes the male folks are not exempted ) should have in their wardrobes. This items have been a lifesaver for me and they would continue to be in my wardrobe as they are never going away.

  • BLACK BLAZER: I cannot tell you the number of times my black blazer has saved me from looking a mess. Regardless of the color, blazers are definitely a must have. I specified the color black because it just goes with anything. Throw on a black blazer over a white T shirt and jeans and you are ready to go.


  • BLACK TROUSER: once upon a time I did not have a single black trouser in my wardrobe, how is that possible? How did I survive lol. Now that I have them, I am not even giving them any room to breathe. Do I really need to talk about the numerous advantages of owning a pair of black trousers? I don’t think so. You all know. Get yourself a pair if you don’t have any because trust me you are making an investment.


  • WAIST COAT: Apart from a well mannered man, there is just something about a man with a properly ironed white long sleeved shirt and a fitted waist coat. That is all I will say about that 😂. Most ladies are not keen about waistcoats but I tell you this piece comes really handy. As you can see in this picture I have a black waistcoat on, apart from wanting a piece which would make me standout, my white shirt was too big and I did not want to use a belt thank goodness I had a waistcoat in my wardrobe, it just got me snatched  in the right places and left me looking like a million bucks.


  • BLACK SHOES/HEELS: At this point I feel really bad for my black heels and my black sneakers, I wear them every dang time but can you blame me? Heels just make the most unflattering outfit automatically classy.

What is that one outfit in your wardrobe you cannot do away with? Let me know by leaving your comments. Don’t forget to like if you enjoyed reading this post.

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This post contains affiliate links

We all love to look our best but what we love even more is having to look great while spending less. If you love a good bargain like I do then ZAFUL is the online shop for you. You can find any kind of clothing item on ZAFUL including male outfits can you believe that? So to my male audience you are not left out on this one I gat you.

I took out time to select some items from their site and gave ideas on how you can style them. 







This beautiful ruffle off the shoulder top comes with  an A line ruffle high waisted skirt making it a two piece set so you don’t have to worry about what to pair the top with. This is a perfect lunch date outfit, The colors are so gorgeous and perfect for the summer to finish up the look you can pair it with a hat and crossed body bag with cute sunshades. RUFFLE OFF THE SHOULDER TWO PIECE SET  $21.49  HAT $9.44 CROSSED BODY BAG $32.99





There is no complete summer without a beautiful floral maxi dress. I love maxi dresses because they can be styled effortlessly whether you choose to go for a pair of flat sandals or heels you can be rest assured that your dress would keep you standing out in a crowd. The price of this MAXI FLORAL PRINT CRISS CROSS DRESS was a steal $24.99 CRISSCROSS CRYSTAL T STRAP SANDALS $39.99 ANKLE STRAP STILETTO RUFFLE HEELS  $42.99.





zaful offers a range of other items such as the perfect office outfits and not just any kind but the trendy ones. The male outfits are also not left out, most importantly they are affordable. STRIPED SIDE POCKET FEMALE PANTS $23.99 STRIPED WELT POCKET BOYFRIEND BLAZER $31.99 CHAMBRAY MALE SHIRT $11.74 BERMUDA MALE SHORTS $25.13

Use code ” ZFjaned4″ for  $3 off $25; $6 off $50; $12 off $100;

images used were gotten from ZAFUL.COM

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Colors!!! Most of us shy away from that word especially when it comes to our wardrobe I used to be like that but I had to break out of that zone and I am glad I did. This is an outfit I wore for my graduation, I combined a mustard coloured blazer which is almost on the yellow side with green pants. I chose this colours because I did not want to go for the conventional blue, black, or white colours which most people go for and since it was my graduation I wanted to look colourful ( in a good way). I even opted for rose pink shoes because I did not want the color black in my outfit. The green is on the deeper side so the color of the blazer was just the perfect shade.


When you are opting for brightly coloured outfits, you must be careful so you don’t go over the top, make sure your make up doesn’t scream too much, preferably go for natural looking makeup which was what I did. As for jewellery my earrings were almost non existent I did not want to be team too much so I opted for smaller earrings which matched my shoes a silver necklace and bracelet.

The main focus was for the whole outfit to do the talking. The blazer had some tiny details like the pearls on the sleeves which I thought was really cute and brought more life to the outfit. I opted for a handbag which was green because like I said I did not want any black color.


The bag is definitely not a designer bag i got it at a very cheap price and it served its purpose. Do you think this was a good look?

How would you style this outfit? I would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment don’t forget to like if you enjoyed today’s blog.

Blazer: Zara

Pants: o’stin

Shoes: zign

Handbag: random shop

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So it’s summer and you are scheming through your closet looking for the outfit which perfectly befits the weather, you come across this beautiful black outfit which seems like the perfect outfit to put on but unfortunately it is not summer friendly because like we all know black absorbs heat.

As much as the color black isn’t summer friendly, it doesn’t mean we should totally ditch the color black. If you still want to rock black outfits and not worry about how hot you would be here are some simple steps to follow.

1. Go for chiffon material: Trust me when I say they are the perfect material for summer just like cotton material. They allow you breath and regardless of what color they come in, you can be sure that you would be comfortable having them on. The material I have on is of course chiffon and honestly even with the sleeves of this shirt being long I was super comfortable.

2. Avoid restrictive clothings: if you are going to put on black then please make sure your outfit flows with the wind meaning it should be free not tight, if possible it should have some form of opening. The reason why I can keep rocking this shirt no matter how hot the weather is, is because it is very loose and the back is open. If you are concerned about your body being exposed, you can put on a light camisole inside like I did so even if the wind blows my body is still protected.

3. Add a touch of color: when you think of summer you think of colors, try not to have all black on from head to toe. A touch of color I believe would make your outfit pop more. I decided to go for a wine colored scarf because it reminded me of home and I wanted my outfit to have more character.

4. Do not be scared to accessorize: I am not saying go all out and put on heavy jewelry but a little accessory don’t hurt nobody. Add more life to your black outfit.

Do you have any more tips? I would love to hear from you. And if you are not following me on Instagram please click here right away so you don’t get to miss any of my post….

Shirt: reserved 

Jeans: Collins 

Shoes: Zara 

Scarf and accessories: random shop

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Today’s blog is a special one because I get to do something which I had on my Wishlist before I started blogging which is to do clothing reviews. Clothing reviews isn’t something new, you see a lot of influencers on YouTube and Instagram including bloggers just like myself doing them. It is my first clothing review ever and being 100% honest with my viewers is what I definitely intend doing and hopefully queenfy still works with me lol so grab a snack and let’s get this review started shall we?


You all know I am obsessed with one pieces so of course I had to choose an overall for my first review. This denim overalls were sent to me by queenfy a China based online store, I sent my measurements to them since it was my first time shopping online and I didn’t want to make any mistakes, I didn’t know what to expect though but they did a good job in helping me find the right size. They  have a size chart so if you are a regular online shopper that wouldn’t be a problem for you. as you can see it fits really well, the crotch area was a bit loose though but you wouldn’t really notice.



For those who aren’t so much on the tall side, I don’t see the length being an issue but for my tall girls out there, honestly it is not as long as it was depicted in the picture. The bottom is also not straight it is loose fitting giving off a trumpet shape kind of vibe which was why I had to fold mine so it doesn’t look awkward.



Concerning the color it was stated that the color seen on the photograph looks slightly different in real life about a shade lighter, but this jumpsuit was like 3 or 4 shades lighter than what was online. I wasn’t so pleased about the huge difference in color because it wasn’t what I was expecting but then the color in real life isn’t that bad after all and I really like it now.



It is really stretchy and very light and soft. Honestly it is not the best jean material, but it is perfect for this sunny and hot weather. Also due to the stretchiness of the material, those on the thicker side wouldn’t have much of a problem fitting into them. As you can see they are ripped but not outrageously ripped which is something I like about the outfit. The straps are adjustable but you would have to fix the hook yourself because they came undone. Thankfully all of the pockets are real so you have enough space to keep your items and go hands free in this hot weather.



It was shipped on the 26th of May and it arrived on the 13th of June ( almost 3 weeks) shipping fee was free I think but then it also depends on the country.


I hope you guys enjoyed this review? Feel free to leave any comments you have I will definitely give you a reply. Most importantly if you liked this review and you want to shop this look click here and don’t forget to like today’s blog.

Denim overalls: queenfy clothing

Sunshades: random shop.

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Denim shirt dresses come in different shapes, length, color and sizes and just like most things if not all things which are in the denim family, they never go out of fashion. If you have been reading my fashion post you will know by now that I don’t like clothes that are too complicated which is why I love this Denim dress. I am more of a leg exposer rather than cleavage ( those are sacred to me lol ) so I don’t really have a problem with some short items as long as they cover me up in the right places.

As you can see this denim dress is on a shorter side but most importantly the back is a bit longer than the front giving me a bit of coverage which also makes the dress more stylish and adds more character to it. if you get carried away when you sit I would advice you opt for a longer version or put on shorts underneath just to be on a safer side.

The buttons are silver colored which I really like owning to the fact that I prefer silver to gold. They are also the open and close kind of buttons which in my opinion are a life saver when you are trying to beat time.

The sleeves are forearm length and you can decide to fold it if you wish.i didn’t use any belts because the dress fits just rightly to my form. If your dress is on the loose side adding a belt will help with giving you that perfect silhouette.

Finally I paired my dress with rose pink heels, to add more color to my outfit. I know most people will prefer flats over heels when it comes to Denim dresses but putting on heels isn’t a bad idea especially if you don’t want to look too casual.

Do you own a Denim shirt dress? How would you style yours?

Makeup : click here

Photography: https://www.instagram.com/evgphotos

Denim dress : oodji

Shoes: Zign

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Denim overalls are one outfit that never go out of style, you see them everywhere every year as we transition from spring into summer. I have always wanted one because like you guys know I am really into one pieces. I am a tall girl and getting an overall that will not leave your butt cheeks hanging out can sometimes be a challenge so you can imagine my joy when I found this one with just the perfect length, it also has a cropped hem which made me love it Even more. Overalls gives almost everyone if not everyone an automatic youthful look which most ladies want.

When getting an overall like this one make sure it sits comfortably at the crotch area because there is nothing as annoying as trying to adjust in public and not being comfortable in your outfits. I would also recommend you get one with real pockets at the sides and in front it will be very useful on sunny days when you want to go hands free, at least you have a space for your phone and keys.

An overall with adjustable straps should also be considered when trying to purchase one, they make things really easy you can adjust the straps to either fit loosely or tightly whatever your choice is.

I paired my overalls with a white elbow length T shirt. You can go for short sleeves or a different color preferably black. Some prefer crop tops but in my opinion your legs are out already so no need to show off more skin ( again just my opinion ).

Concerning accessories you don’t need much, sunshades and earrings preferably the non dangling ones would be perfect. Remember the idea is to look cute and simple.

Put on a pair of comfortable sneakers and girl you are Good to go.

Photography: https://www.instagram.com/evgphotos

Makeup: https://www.instagram.com/onome._

Overalls: for those in Ukraine I got it at a shop called Odessa. You can get at any random clothing shop it doesn’t matter.

Sneakers: Zara woman

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A picture they say tells a thousand stories, looking at this picture and thinking about my first photo shoot I can boldly say things have gotten better, not to say I don’t get anxious in front of the camera but I am progressing gradually and I have to give a big shoutout to my photographer who always makes me feel at ease you can click here to check her out. Every time I look at my pictures I see a lady who has been uniquely crafted by God, she might not fit into the standard of what the world sees or defines as beautiful, (the famous Coca-Cola shape) but that doesn’t matter. We cannot all look the same and I praise God for all of those things that seem as flaws to me because that is what makes me different from the next person.

Love yourself and all that God has blessed you with, there can never be two versions of you because God took out time to create you in a unique form. When you feel Good inside, it will reflect outside.

Jumpsuits have a special place in my heart, what I love most about this one is that it is designed in a wrap form so you can tie it to fit perfectly on your waist, I also love an outfit with a nice collar which this jumpsuit has it Just takes it to another level by bringing out the elegance.

You can’t go wrong with the color peach it looks great on all skin tones which is why I love it. Jumpsuits are very versatile, whether it’s a date, an outing with friends, church, workplace e.t.c you are good to go.

Pair your jumpsuit with heels and you will be looking like a million $.


Makeup: click HERE

Photography: click HERE

Jumpsuit: for those Residing in Ukraine I got this at Dafi on the 2nd floor, I can’t remember the name of the shop.

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