Staying focused while shopping


I am certain 90% of people have walked into a shop with the intention of buying one item, lets say a BAG  or a SCARF and they ended up leaving with the total opposite of what they had in mind in the first place… I can testify to this.

So How do we get to discipline ourselves when we go shopping and not get carried away? here are some of my tips.

  1. Before you go shopping ask yourself this questions.

I know I know no body got time for that… But trust me if you are on a budget and you know how much every penny you spend means, you wouldn’t mind engaging yourself in a serious and true conversation. Questions such as

  • Do I really need to go shopping?
  • How important is this item I am about to buy?
  • Do I see myself making a good use of this item?
  • Can I do without it?

Of course there are some items which you do not need to think twice about because they are very important… Having this kind of conversation with yourself would save you the stress of going shopping at the wrong time and also prevent you from getting those unnecessary items.

2. Go with the exact amount of money or a little above the amount you budgeted for.

On several occasions I have gone shopping with too much money than I needed and am sure you know the end of the story, I ended up buying Extra things..

I would advice you know how much, or have an estimate of the price of the item/items you are willing to purchase then take an extra amount (Not something so huge). Having the exact amount would help you stay focused, you can only end up admiring those items you wished you could get but cant get at that moment….

You would get home and be happy about the choice you made and life goes on.

3. Be accountable to yourself

How long would you continue the cycle of getting home and wishing you had spent less or stuck with your budget? set a goal and stick to it, it is not easy I know but you can do it. Think of how much you would be saving and how much you can actually be able to count on yourself as someone who set a goal and was able to accomplish it.

4. Go shopping with the right people

I don’t like to shop alone, it is very boring for me, so if you are someone like me please do not go shopping with someone who you know would make you buy something you really do not need in your life. whenever I have an urge of buying an item which wasn’t part of my budget I love to ask whoever am with questions, because I know at that moment I am not really thinking right.

  • what do you think about this item?
  • Do you honestly think I need it?
  • is it worth the price?

Simple questions like this asked to the right person would save you a lot of headache and help you get your act together.

5. Set a day in a month, two months, or even a day in a year to splurge on yourself

I know the blog is about how to stick to the budget, but Hey Treating yourself with some nice items isn’t bad after all as long as you do not go broke trying to do that.

Do not be too hard on yourself, so while you get to save more money while sticking to your budget you can also buy some extra items… Get to enjoy the money you have worked hard to earn.

This is beneficial because once you do it, the urge to get some not so necessary items would reduce (or maybe not lol).

6. Visit They have the most affordable items. 

I got my scarf and cute bag from their store. spend your money wisely..

sticking to the budget
Enjoying the weather and keeping myself warm with this beautiful scarf and bag
Staying focused while shopping
Rainy Day but nothing a scarf cant solve

Sticking to the budget

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Never outdated


These Tips I am about to Share are what I call my Golden Rule…. They are golden because they do not discriminate they are for all ages, nationality, race, size you name it.

We live in a world where people are so concerned about what is trendy, what is fashionable, the in thing… but we can get so carried away that we forget about things that really matter which is why I am here to remind everyone.

NO 1: Good Manners

Have you been around someone who looks so well put together on the outside, but the very moment you come close to them you realize how bad their manners are? that is really a turn off. Beauty will fade, trends will come and go but having good manners would never be outdated.

Be polite, throw that arrogant attitude out of the door.

Apologize when you are on the wrong.

Be thankful, appreciate the good that has been done to you/for you.

Do not be one to start a fight……

you cannot buy good manners with money, it begins with you and your desire to make a positive impact.

NO 2: A seasoned speech

I love the Chapter of the bible which says let your speech be seasoned with grace.

Do not be one to talk others down, don’t be the one people run to when they are about to Gossip, stop putting people down by the words you say to them.

if you have an advice for someone say it in a way that it doesn’t turn out to be offensive and be sure you are giving such a person an advice because you truly care about them not because you are being shady.

Think before you speak do not think after you finish speaking…


You do not see someone going through a hard time and you ignore, you feel you are not the one going through that difficulty so why should you care…. Trust me life can happen to anyone… Show some Compassion, render as much help as you can and lift such people up in Prayers .

Do not laugh at the failures of others.

I Know some people Can really get on our nerves but two wrongs cannot make a right so wishing such people bad is not the way to Go. you and I can do better….


Did you know so many people have missed out on important life changing moments/opportunities because they were proud?

When I say be humble I am not saying allow people take advantage of you, of course you need to know when to draw the line…

I am saying stop feeling you are better than anyone else.

Things  cannot always go your way, other peoples ideas and suggestions also matter.

Stop looking down on others and seeing them like Trash.

Be teachable, you can learn from a toddler keep your heart open.

My dad would always say if you stay humble, you would go far in life.


Avoid Distractions, you do not start a project and not complete it.

Be determined to see the end result of that project you have started

Do not forget every successful and big thing you see today began from a heart which was determined to see the end product of their goal and vision.


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Never outdated
Beauty comes from within
Never Outdated
Shoulder for days. visit Amiclubwear for amazing outfits
Never Outdated
Date ready
Never Outdated
Just the perfect Length

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Fashion Inspiration


I struggled with what to write for this particular blog, I wanted to write on something different and all the ideas I had didn’t just sit right with me.

I finally decided to write on fashion inspiration because whether we like it or not, There are people out there who are not happy with the way they look. people have become depressed due to body image issues and my goal is that someone reads this and be inspired.

I often hear people say to me, you have the perfect figure, you have no issues I just smile most of the times but little do they know I have my insecurities. I would be very blunt here, and I feel like I am going to get myself into trouble for writing this but it is ok.

I never loved my boobs I always felt they were too big for a slim girl like me and it drew attention. I know someone is saying Beauty you are crazy what boobs are you talking about? well I always wished they were smaller…. At some point I began to realize it was a thing of the mind and God who created me this way isn’t foolish. I have learnt to embrace it and I put on outfits which I know I would be comfortable in.

Love yourself, your body doesn’t define you, do not get carried away by what you see on social media because most of it isn’t real… Embrace that which God has endowed you with.

Be your biggest fan… if you have some problem areas  please your first solution shouldn’t be plastic Surgery except if it is something that is life threatening. Surround yourself with positive people not people who are about the fake life…

Eat healthy, Exercise regularly, be mindful of your mental health, do not be afraid to go for therapy sessions because they are very helpful. if you cannot afford that, talk to someone you can trust.

Bear in mind that once You are at a good place mentally and emotionally then you will feel good on the outside. There are a bunch of people who lost a lot of weight but still went into depression because they did not focus on their mental health, likewise there are slim people who feel fat and wish they were slimmer (that is another mental issue) so Please focus on your mental Health and seek help.

Be your motivation, It can be really difficult at times but that doesn’t mean you cant do it. cheer up yourself and know that there is more to you than your Body, Don’t forget there are people out there wishing they had legs, arms, a perfectly functioning Nose… just like yours.  you have been Created Fearfully, wonderfully, and perfect  in Gods image.

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crossbody Bag

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Fashion Inspiration
Enjoying the last days of summer
Fashion Inspiration
Beautiful Bag to go with a beautiful dress
fashion Inspiration
Ruffles Everyday please 
Date night Ideas


Let me start off by saying, I am more of a home buddy, Netflix and chill kind of girl but once in a while, going out on a date not necessarily with your significant other but also with your friends is needed.

So you have a date night and you really need some good advice on

what to do, what not to do, what outfit would be perfect for this occasion…..

In Essence you want the evening to go perfectly fine, worry no further I have really simple tips to help you achieve the perfect date night you desire.


It does not matter if you are familiar with this person or you are just going out for the first time, please keep to time. Keeping to time shows that you respect your date and it makes you look professional. If for some reason life happens and you cannot meet up with the scheduled time, be responsible enough to let your Date know you would be late.

Do not forget first impressions matter and lasts long.

Date night ideas
Just in time.


What you do not want to do is show up looking like you were dragged out of the house.

It can be as simple as ironing your cloth, put that rumpled cloth away not tonight sis/Bro. Be it a casual Date or a Date in a Nice restaurant be sure to look your best and still be comfortable.

Date night ideas
Put some thought into that outfit


Regardless of the occasion I believe that everyone should know their body, and know what colors and patterns works best for their skin tone and body shape.

opt for colors that are not too bright, and would help hide that food baby which most of us have after a good meal.

In this picture as you can see I opted for a dress with horizontal patterns instead of vertical.  I did that because I am tall and quite slender so opting for a vertical patterned dress would only make me look taller.

The horizontal patterns gave me an illusion of a more curvy body, and the length was just perfect enough to still help maintain my tall figure.

A combination of red and black color was the perfect mix.

Date night Ideas
The perfect Date night Dress with the perfect pattern


As you put thought into choosing the right outfits, do not forget to brush your teeth and use a nice deodorant. It must not be an expensive perfume.

You don’t want your date or even yourself feeling uncomfortable.                                           Say no to bad breath and body odor.


First of all being confident isn’t restricted to dates only.

You should be confident in yourself every single day knowing you have been created in Gods image and likeness.

Love yourself. Do not try to be fake let people or whoever see and know the real you.


Date night ideas
Confidence is sexy


I think I talk about accessories a lot in my fashion related blogs.

I am not so much into accessories but whenever I have one on I try to keep it simple and classy.

Be careful when choosing your accessories, I would advice people to go for simple cute earrings and necklaces.

Don’t forget your tiny bags they come in very handy especially when you need a place to keep your lip-gloss and powder.

Date night ideas
keeping it simple with the accessories

I hope this Tips were helpful

Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions….

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high rise trousers


How do we keep it casual but still maintain our classiness in other words how can casual and classy thrive together?

when it comes to keeping it classy most people think about a tucked in buttoned down T-shirt and  tailored trousers, a nice blazer paired with knee length skirt or trouser, heels and a decent sized bag to go with it. No doubt all of the things I have mentioned  looks nice and well put together but sometimes we just want to look different from the normal, have some fun with our outfits and be able to still  keep it classy.

I have come up with a few tips which can help us achieve the desired casual and classy look.

TIP NUMBER 1: Opt for plaid trousers instead of plain trousers.

Plain trousers can be really boring especially the conventional black trousers, choosing trousers with patterns or stripes helps to add more life to the outfit making it more fun and at the same time preserving the classiness which we don’t want to loose.

simple yet classy
Plaid pants

TIP NUMBER 2: high rise trousers instead of low rise.

High rise trousers are very versatile, they are trendy and more stylish. In this picture I have on high rise paper bag pants, the waist detail gives it a unique look and would go well with most tops. Talk about keeping it casual and classy.

high rise trousers
Classy will never go out of style

TIP NUMBER 3: Avoid showing too much skin

You can still look really beautiful without showing off too much skin, there is beauty and class in simplicity. Do not forget the goal is to keep it casual but still classy at the same time. If you have to put on a crop top then a high waist trouser would be more appropriate.

Casual yet Classy
There is beauty in simplicity


We cannot completely ditch our shirts they have been good to us and are here to stay. However opting for more fun options is required. You can choose to go for an off shoulder top with double layered ruffled sleeves like I did, or even a low cut neckline will do just to make the whole look less boring.

Keeping it classy
Off the shoulder double layered crop top

TIP NO 5: choose the right shoes

I chose to put on heels because I wanted to be extra, a pair of nice white sneakers or pointed toe flat shoes would also go well with this look.

TIP NO 6: handbag

In my opinion whatever size of handbag you feel is convenient for you then so be it. if you need more space a tiny bag would not be ideal and if the only space you need is for your keys, phone, credit card and lip gloss then a tiny bag is what you would need. just make sure it goes well with your outfit.

Hand bag

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yes to white


Trends come and go but regardless of what colors or styles are trending, white outfits will never go out of style. I couldn’t take my eyes off this jumpsuit when I saw it on pinkbasis site. I have reviewed two of their clothing items before, you can click here to read my 100% honest review. Grab yourself a snack and get comfortable as I give my unbiased review of this jumpsuit.

measurement: This is a size M and just like two of the items which I got from their site I can boldly say their items are true to size. I had no reason whatsoever to adjust anything especially the elastic round the shoulder area, everything stayed in place.

white outfit
The best accessory is your smile

material: The material is very stretchy from the site it is stated that it is 65% spandex and 35% polyester. One can choose to downsize if they want, I chose to stick with my real size because I am  tall. The quality of the material is really nice, it is light weight and can also be worn as a transition piece for the fall. It is also transparent and an inner lining would have been nice.

White jumpsuit
Be beautiful both inside and out

Length: The only issue I had with this outfit was the length I love my jumpsuits long. It looks perfect on me though but an extra length would have been very much appreciated. For my average ladies out there I don’t see the length being a problem and to my tall ladies do not downsize if not the length would definitely be a problem.

yes to white
Be bold

color: Honestly the color looked pinkish on the site thank God for the description though. As you can see it is a very brilliant white and I am really digging it.

white apparel
Stand out for something Good

Details: off the shoulder neckline with layered ruffles giving the whole outfit a very beautiful look.

A jumpsuit with Pockets is definitely a yes
Back view
Three words Classy, Simple and Stylish

I finished up my look with some really cute jewelry and heels.

Have a blessed day ahead

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I am more of a trouser and top kind of girl but lately especially this summer I have been putting on more dresses and experimenting with lots of colors. floral mini dresses especially those with the A line cut is/are really flattering on every body type because it hugs you in the right places and creates an illusion of an hourglass shape. I got this dress from Zaful and as usual I would be giving you my 100% honest review.

Measurement: This is a size small ideally I would go for a size medium because of the length but it was out of stock so I chose the size small since I could fit into that also. The dress goes up to size extra large.

Material: The material is polyester, it is not transparent, the quality is nice and it is not stretchy so I would advice you stick to your normal size. It is not the smoothest on the skin I do not have sensitive skin so that wasn’t a problem but for those with really sensitive skin this might not be the best material for you. It is light weight and just perfect for the spring and summer.


Length: It is on the shorter side I wish it was just a little bit longer though. I would advice you put on shorts underneath just as a precautionary measure. I wore it on a very breezy day and the dress was just flowing with the wind thank God I left home prepared. For those who are not so tall I don’t see the length being a problem.


Details : I love that the sleeves of this dress is long and there is no form of opening in the boob area or the back so a round of applause for Zaful 👏. The dress has a belt at the side giving it a wrap dress kind of vibe and I really like the double layer effect at the bottom. Elasticated cuffs, invisible zip which is easy to zip and unzip and ruffles which goes all the way to the back of the dress.


Color : No difference between the color on the site and real life what you see is what you get.


Shipping: I got the item in less than two weeks.

I chose to put on flats because this is how I would style this on a normal day, the floral pattern on the dress comes in different colors so you can choose any color of shoes you would want to pair it up with, a small bag and you are set to go.

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My love for mustard color is seriously growing by the day, I just love the fact that it complements my skin tone. I couldn’t take my eyes off this maxi dress when I saw it on pinkbasis site and I am here to give you my honest review.

Measurement/fitting: I got this in a size M, it fits me perfectly at the top but was a bit loose at the hip area since I am not so blessed in that area but that wasn’t a big issue for me because it wasn’t so obvious. It is true to size so I wouldn’t advice you to downsize.

Material : It is a stretchy material but at the same time not too stretchy, made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This is the second item I am getting from pinkbasis and I must say I am really impressed with their clothing especially the material hopefully it continues that way. The material doesn’t feel cheap and it sure doesn’t look cheap and to top it up it is not transparent so you don’t have to worry about your underwear being on display.

Length: This is obviously a long dress as you can see from the picture, I am a tall girl and it fits right at my ankle the downside to this is that those who are on the shorter side would encounter problems with this dress unfortunately.

DETAILS: I really love the lace details on this dress it begins from the mid thigh down to the ankle this in my opinion gives the dress more edginess and character. The lace is also really good material but it is not stretchy so you can’t walk too fast if not you would trip off I had to raise up the bottom part of the dress while walking to avoid this from happening. The square neckline also adds more beauty to this dress it is not so low and not so high, it sits just at the right spot.

COLOR: On the website it looked lighter than what it was in real life and I really love the real life version.

Accessories: I finished up my look by pairing it with a cute pair of sunshades , gold bracelet and gold necklace

SHIPPING: It took approximately three weeks for the item to be delivered and no problems were encountered.

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There is no spring or summer without flowers and green leaves, this also reflects in our clothings during this seasons. Summer is my best season and I love to have so much fun with my outfits, put on as much floral prints as I can and just live in the moment because before you know it we are back to putting on our winter attire. This is an off white coloured Romperwhich I got from pink basis a US based online clothing store. Here are all of the details you need to know about this outfit.

MEASUREMENT/FITTING: I got this in a size medium, they have a size chart on their website which makes it easy for you to pick the right size. The bottom is loose fitting which I like becomes it gives your legs room to breathe. I opted for a size medium because I am tall and since the sleeves are long I needed them to fit my entire arm. The down side to choosing size M is that the waist didn’t fit well because my waist is quite small but I fixed this by using a belt.

MATERIAL: The material is cotton, it is not stretchy and it feels really soft so it is definitely perfect for the weather, I am actually impressed because it is not just soft  the quality is really good. The romper has an inner lining which I personally love and feel like they put so much thought into the design of the outfit.

LENGTH: Like I always state, I am a tall girl (6ft 1’) with really long legs so things that are normal length for others are usually short for me, with this romper though I am very ok with the length and I think if I had chosen a size S my butt cheeks would be out so I wouldn’t advice anyone to downsize. If the waist is loose you can always use a belt just like I did.

COLOUR: The color isn’t so different from what is on the site, it is off white, coloured with deep blue and coffee brown floral prints really gorgeous.

DETAILS: The sleeves are bell sleeves as you can see in this picture, it also has tiny pleats on the waist area which adds more character to the outfit, a little bit of opening in the front and back so you can get as much air as possible 😀

SHIPPING: It took 2 weeks and few days to be delivered.

MY FINAL CONCLUSION: It is a yes from me, the sizing had a little problem but nothing too big a belt couldn’t fix and for those who like loose fitting outfits I don’t think that would be a problem for you. I would recommend you get the romper if you like it.

What do you think about this outfit is it a miss or a hit let me know.

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