I am sure most of you are conversant with this Saying about how short life is, but how many of us really take out time to ponder on it and act on it?

This past month has been a really stressful one for me and I did a lot of thinking…. I was becoming too stressed out and it was affecting me in all areas.

I had to call myself to order and I must Say the major thing which brought me healing was prayer. So outside of Prayer what did I do?

  1. I told myself I had only one life to live and if God Forbid something tragic happens to me, life would go on… it wouldn’t stop because of me.
  2. I worried Less, I stopped thinking about what would happen the next moment or the next day.. I started focusing on the present.
  3. I took out time to breathe and to appreciate what I have in front of me and the life which I currently have.
  4. I complained less.. the way I complained this past month hmmm I don’t know how those I was venting to managed to cope with me, but I guess that is why God Placed them in my life to be there as a support. I started being more appreciative and thankful, it was one of the best decisions I made
  5. I learnt and am still learning to see the good and positive in every thing. some days nothing makes sense but I think about something positive and if I cant find any, I thank God I am alive.
  6. I faced that which I was afraid of and was stressing me out…. I saw it as a challenge and I was willing to conquer it.

Life is short, I know things wont always go smoothly but you can make something beautiful out of the most stressful situation. live don’t just exist, take things one step at a time. if you need to go out and just inhale the air do it, Listen to your body, know when to stop and when to continue, laugh more, surround your self with positive people and above all be your biggest encourager.

This blog would not be complete if I do not acknowledge God, God Got me through the toughest of times, I prayed and each time I did, I felt peace, being in His presence was always refreshing…. Do not hesitate to talk to your maker He is the best friend you can have.


Some pictures I took during the Week. enjoying the beautiful life God has given me.

Enjoying the sun with my Browless face
Breathe and count your Blessings
I am not always glammed up makeup free….

Have a blessed day ahead

Stay motivated….

Never outdated


These Tips I am about to Share are what I call my Golden Rule…. They are golden because they do not discriminate they are for all ages, nationality, race, size you name it.

We live in a world where people are so concerned about what is trendy, what is fashionable, the in thing… but we can get so carried away that we forget about things that really matter which is why I am here to remind everyone.

NO 1: Good Manners

Have you been around someone who looks so well put together on the outside, but the very moment you come close to them you realize how bad their manners are? that is really a turn off. Beauty will fade, trends will come and go but having good manners would never be outdated.

Be polite, throw that arrogant attitude out of the door.

Apologize when you are on the wrong.

Be thankful, appreciate the good that has been done to you/for you.

Do not be one to start a fight……

you cannot buy good manners with money, it begins with you and your desire to make a positive impact.

NO 2: A seasoned speech

I love the Chapter of the bible which says let your speech be seasoned with grace.

Do not be one to talk others down, don’t be the one people run to when they are about to Gossip, stop putting people down by the words you say to them.

if you have an advice for someone say it in a way that it doesn’t turn out to be offensive and be sure you are giving such a person an advice because you truly care about them not because you are being shady.

Think before you speak do not think after you finish speaking…


You do not see someone going through a hard time and you ignore, you feel you are not the one going through that difficulty so why should you care…. Trust me life can happen to anyone… Show some Compassion, render as much help as you can and lift such people up in Prayers .

Do not laugh at the failures of others.

I Know some people Can really get on our nerves but two wrongs cannot make a right so wishing such people bad is not the way to Go. you and I can do better….


Did you know so many people have missed out on important life changing moments/opportunities because they were proud?

When I say be humble I am not saying allow people take advantage of you, of course you need to know when to draw the line…

I am saying stop feeling you are better than anyone else.

Things  cannot always go your way, other peoples ideas and suggestions also matter.

Stop looking down on others and seeing them like Trash.

Be teachable, you can learn from a toddler keep your heart open.

My dad would always say if you stay humble, you would go far in life.


Avoid Distractions, you do not start a project and not complete it.

Be determined to see the end result of that project you have started

Do not forget every successful and big thing you see today began from a heart which was determined to see the end product of their goal and vision.


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Growing up is not easy and is definitely a decision one has to make…

On todays blog I would be sharing some things I have learnt in the past  but which have become even real to me since I graduated medical school. This is not to put fear into anyone but to prepare you for what is ahead.

From the topic you can tell I am about to talk about growing up A.K.A adulting. I would be very honest with you guys, life became real to me getting towards the end of medical school and it became even more real after medical school. All of a sudden I had this urge to want to fend for myself I did not want to be that daughter who was still asking for money from her parents, I wanted to be more responsible for myself.

I had never had a job or worked before in my twenty something years of existence, how would taking care of myself be possible if I did not even know how to craft a Resume talk more of seeking for a job?…. At some point I gave up on the idea I couldn’t bear the thought of going through all of this stress, growing up/adulting wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Why did I have to wait this long? too many reasons which I really do not want to go into so I do not bore you guys, Here are a list of things I have learnt in this new phase of my life and my little advice to you reading this post.



Please do not let anyone trick you into thinking as you get older things will get easier that is a big lie…. if you have been blessed enough to not have to work for anything, well good for you but don’t forget there is work to be done on yourself as an individual. Money cannot buy you character, resilience, happiness E.T.C

Growing Up
work on Yourself


 Like I said earlier, growing up isn’t easy so now that you know, the next thing to do is to prepare yourself.

Get your mind ready. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do after graduation.

I had planned all this two years prior but It did not stop me from being  stressed.

you can imagine if there was no plan at all that would have been double stress.

Knowing the goal ahead of me pushes me to be more resilient everyday.

whether you are in or out of school, have a goal and prepare yourself.

Growing up
Preparation meets opportunity = Success


If you are not willing to leave your comfort zone then growing up is not for you.

I remember as a kid, each time I fell ill my dad would always say

it is because I am growing up so my body is trying to adjust to the Growth.

Once we are used to a particular lifestyle, transitioning isn’t easy it would take a lot of discipline to make adjustments.

leaving our comfort zone can mean a whole lot of things.

It could mean having to sleep less and waking up early,

Cutting off some people out of our life,

praying more,

Being more accountable to God and to ourselves,

writing this blog late at night because that is the only time I have. It will not be easy but it will be worth it.

Growing Up
No more Comfort Zones

4) YOU MIGHT WANT TO QUIT: like I stated earlier, I thought about quitting but thank God for wise counsel the amazing people I have in my life and constantly reminding myself about what is ahead of me. Behind every success story there is another story that most people do not know about. Hang in there.


5) YOU WILL HEAR A LOT OF NO’S: People will turn you down but it is ok . I believe the naysayers give room for the right opportunities to come. Never you feel you are not capable enough or good enough BECAUSE YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

growing up
Do not let the disappointments stop you

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Celebrate and embrace your small victories


why should i celebrate something small? instead of celebrating my small victories i would rather wait until i land my hands on something Big…. Do you fall into the category of people who make such statements? if you don’t i am happy to hear that if you however fall into this category i believe you can learn something today.

For the first time in my life i played volleyball, one would think i am a pro at this sport due to my height and long limbs, but unfortunately i know nothing about volley ball. I am really happy that my church was thoughtful enough to organize an outing like this one because it gave me an opportunity to want to try something new.

I had no idea on how the game was going to turn out, was i going to make a fool of myself on the court or come back home with a broken limb? so many thoughts filled my head but backing out wasn’t an option after all it was my one chance to make history and  add an activity to my empty list of hobbies.

I did terribly on the court, i caught the ball instead of throwing it back to the opposing team, i was just doing the total opposite of everything.

There came the one moment that changed everything, i threw the ball like i was supposed to and to cut the long story short, our team won a point. you can imagine my excitement over that one point, i kept on screaming i did it… i did it…it was as though i had won a gold medal.

so someone reading this post is saying ” your team won just a single point” and so? it is not a big deal

That little victory opened me up to something new. we always ignore our small victories, we would rather wait for the big win. we get too occupied trying to accomplish big things meanwhile we forget about those little milestones which we have been able to achieve.

Every big thing you see today started small, the strongest trees were once tiny little seeds, that billion dollar company was once an idea, that cute child was once a sperm. Stop beating up yourself because you failed at something or you see people living the life you have been dreaming about and you automatically see yourself as a failure…. do not forget every individual is unique and our journeys are different. learn to embrace and appreciate your small victories.

small victories
No big steps without baby steps

In the real sense those little accomplishments are actually not little because without them, there would be no room for bigger opportunities. i remember my first bog post  lord knows my heart still beats fast each time i think about all the things i went through before i finally published it, today i can gladly say without my first blog post i would not even be writing this.

I might never get to play volleyball again and even if i do, my first win would always be my motivation.

look around you, enjoy all that you see, live in the moment cherish the little moments, appreciate the baby steps because they are leading you into great things.


Have an amazing day ahead.

stay motivated….

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Lately I have been feeling a bit discouraged and having to question myself a bit more. Few days ago I found out that apart from talking to God about how I was feeling, there was something that strengthened me even more and that was encouraging someone else. What I did whenever I began feeling discouraged was to call up someone or send a message of encouragement. Of course I might not have an idea of what that person is going through or they might not be going through anything but even those who aren’t going through any kind of challenge still need to be told they are doing well and they are appreciated. One of the most difficult things to do is to encourage someone when you are also having your issues, I used to be that person that would go silent the whole day whenever I was feeling overwhelmed but I guess God has His way of working in us and grooming us daily.

This exercise is something I started doing recently and I know God was trying to let me know that even when you are discouraged you can be a shoulder for someone to lean on, Beauty can come out of darkness.

I find this to be very therapeutic because whenever you encourage someone or I encourage someone I also feel like I am talking to myself and I become strengthened gradually.

What do you do whenever you feel discouraged? I would really love to hear from you.

Have an amazing weekend

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Please read everything and don’t worry I have inserted pictures.

2nd of July 2018 was a really special day for me because I graduated medical school and I officially became a doctor, I still feel like I am dreaming and feel really weird being addressed with the title Doctor. Med school was really challenging but in all it’s been one of the best experience of my life.

To the king of all kings and my Heavenly Father.

I owe all of my gratitude to you my creator my Heavenly Father Jesus who knew me before I was conceived and had a plan for me even before the beginning of time you are indeed the master planner. You provided for my parents from the beginning and there was never a time I got stuck, you always believed in me and been/still my best friend, you never begin a project without completing it you are extremely dependable you are everything to me Thank you for adopting me as your own I cannot imagine my life without you God I would be a wreck. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you lord but I know you see my heart and you know how humbled and grateful I am to you for bringing me this far I love you and you alone deserves all of the accolades and all of my praise.

To my dad.

Daddy God knew you would be the best father for me that was why he sent me into your life. Every time I tell you I appreciate all you have done, they are not mere words they are real. Even when you get angry or when the burden becomes too much for you, you never stop listening you always listen to me and make sure I am comfortable. I will keep making you proud this is just the beginning of greater and better things. I love you Daddy.

To my mum ( Mummy H)

You are one woman who sees the best in everything, you always push me and encourage me you never see anything as a limitation. Thank you so much for being a backbone to Daddy thank you for your prayers thank you for always making me laugh and I am so glad to be going through this journey with you. I love you.

To my mum

Thank you for birthing me, you make me want to be a better person for my unborn kids, my husband and myself. You are such a strong woman, you are one of the reasons I am where I am today and I truly appreciate you. Thank you for all of the sacrifices Thank you for praying constantly for me. God bless you mum I love you.

To my brother

I can’t ask for a better big brother, you are truly amazing. I love you.

To my pastors

Pastor Chidi, pastor Eve, pastor Matthew your impact in my life is just beyond words. Thank you so much I love you all.

To my beautiful cousin Ruth.

My gist partner, my friend, my sister, my prayer warrior….. Thank you sisi i love you.

To dr.Amure omotayo.

My encourager, My play partner my best friend… going through this journey with you has been wow. I am so excited about what God is doing in you and through you. I love you.

To my group mates, to David iluore, to Ruth jadu, all of you who know me personally and everyone whom I crossed paths with.

Meeting you guys was never a mistake, God planned it out from the very beginning. I would really miss you all, I have learnt a lot from every single one of you and seeing you all at the point where you are now is such a blessing. May God continue to use every single one of you to better the lives of those you come in contact with. I love you.

My final words: God is the master planner he would never give up on you so stop thinking about quitting God has got your back.

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Have a blessed day

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I had a really special experience on the 27th of June 2018. I had just left the main building of my school, and I was walking towards the metro to go see a friend of mine whom I had an appointment with. As I approached the metro I saw this cute little boy about 2 years old he was walking alongside his Dad eating his ice cream on one hand and holding a rose flower on the other hand he seemed to be enjoying himself. Suddenly he started walking towards me , I smiled at him and thought he was just carried away by the sweetness of the ice cream but to my surprise he wasn’t he got closer to me and handed me the flower. At that moment my heart just melted I said спасибо which means thank you in Russian and he smiled and continued walking. I looked up at the Dad and he had this big smile on his face I could tell that was a really proud Daddy moment for him, he commended his son and we both walked away.

As I walked away my heart was so filled with joy, I could feel my uterus and ovaries leaping for joy ( lol I am a sucker for kids) I had to stop and take pictures of the flower.

I began asking myself questions like

1. Why me a random black girl walking on a road full of Ukrainians?

2. Did his Dad ask him to specifically give the flowers to me when he saw me approaching ?

3. Did he just feel like handing over the flowers to me.

4. Was he tired of holding the flowers because it was getting in the way between him and his ice cream.

5. What else can be cuter than this little boy.

6. Does he do this often.

My answers to this questions according to order

1. Because children just love purely and truly, they don’t see color, race, gender e.t.c no wonder Jesus said don’t stop the little children from coming to me.

2. I don’t think so, the little boy just did what his heart asked him to do. From my experience you can’t force most kids to do what they don’t want to do.

3. Yes he just felt like.

4. No he wasn’t, he looked very happy holding the flower and his ice cream.

5. I can’t imagine.

6. Yes I would love to think that, because clearly he has a dad who is teaching him how to properly treat a lady and relate with people.

What I learnt from this experience

1. Love does not discriminate.

2. One act of kindness can change a persons life forever ( this is an experience I will never forget).

3. As a parent you have a lot of influence on your kids don’t screw it up.

4. My love for people doesn’t have to diminish because I grew up or because I was hurt. God’s Love never runs out on me and so does my love for people.

5. We all have the capacity to make a difference.

6. Be the change you want to see.


The same way I kept on asking myself questions and looking for reasons as to why me of all people was handed a flower is the same way most of us ask God questions whenever he does something for us. We feel like we have to do something for God before he does something for us and we forget His love for us is not dependent on our works,age,sex,race, you name it… trust me no amount of works can fulfill Gods standard so just learn to embrace his love and lean on him. Click here to read on an exceptional love story.

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Have a wonderful weekend.

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Dear ladies, it is ok to compliment another lady, it is not a crime to see something good on another lady and actually appreciate it, it is ok to be kind to another lady, you won’t die if you give a good advice to your fellow lady, it is not weird for you to walk up to another lady and tell her she is beautiful. Please stop putting other women down, stop the body shaming. Life is not about competition you will get to your destination at your God given time so stop thinking you are in a competition with the other lady next door.

My dear ladies it is totally ok to support the other persons goals Do not feel you are more important than the other lady who just walked passed you or your colleague at your work place for we are all dust. Instead of putting others down and rejoicing over their misfortune how about you pray for them, ladies be a shoulder for your fellow lady to lean on. Stop being mean, stop the gossips, stop being angry or envious over ones success, do not see an opportunity and try to hide it from the other person whom you know would really need some help. Stop being selfish for once think of the other persons feelings.

I have been on the road on countless occasions and I realized the ladies are the ones who would not want to stop for a fellow lady to cross the road ( I might be wrong but it is just my experience). Please let us show more empathy to each other, we keep talking about woman power but in reality we hate each other and if we must move forward this has to stop. You see guys talk to each other even if they are just meeting for the first time but you hardly ever see us ladies do that, we stare at each other eye to eye and can’t even utter a word as simple as Hi and if one eventually does say Hi the other pretends like she heard nothing even if she did. We do better when we are united and I believe we can do better if we set our minds to do it. Please stop with the so called “clique”, because someone is not in your clique you don’t see the need to be friendly? You look down on others and feel you know better Am sorry but that makes you ignorant.


Have an amazing week ahead.

Stay motivated….

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Dear Reader what failure are you dealing with at the moment? Are you at the verge of quitting? you are frustrated, you feel like nothing good can come out of you, Those you started with or even those you started before are already ahead of you, you feel like you just can’t seem to get anything right, The whole world is against you, everyone is secretly talking about you, No one can possibly understand what you are going through, you are depressed, you have actually thought about ending your life, you just want to go into hiding and not be seen, you are not good enough, No one can love a woman or man like you, you have to constantly keep proving yourself, you can’t trust anyone because those you trusted in the past disappointed you, you don’t know what next, God feels so far away, you don’t know where the next tuition/rent will come from, you see a pattern replicating itself, you are lost, you are defeated, No one ever amounted to anything in your family and you feel you are not any different from them, everyone is better than you, you have no gift, you are just useless…… whatever it is stop Right there!!! 


Yes you have failed but it is not the end of the world, No successful person got to the point where they are now by quitting and feeling sorry for themselves.

1st Samuel chapter 30: 1-6 tells us about David and his men coming back home from war and finding out that the city had been burnt down and all of their women and kids had been captured by the Amalekites. You can imagine being a president of a nation and coming back home from a journey just to find out all the women and kids of your country have been kidnapped, Think of the pressure that will be on you , you might even drop Dead. King David found himself in this exact situation and they all began to weep. The men of the land started plotting to kill David so that was ten times more pressure on David but the Bible accounts in the 6th verse that

Further, David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all of them were embittered, each man for his sons and daughters. But David felt strengthened and encouraged in the Lord his God.1st Samuel 30:6

Wow David felt strengthened and encouraged in the lord. I realized from this verse that making a conscious decision and effort to hold on to God and His word is really vital because there are times when life will hit you hard, what will you do ? no one encouraged David, they all had their issues and same thing goes to us while you are going through a hard time others are also battling with their issues and the encouragement or support you need from them might not come. So I ask again what will you do? David had to encourage himself in the lord meaning there is an encouragement that man cannot bring, it can only be found in God. When all else fades God is the only thing which stands firm and sure.

Do not be discouraged, be encouraged, Do not fear, you are a success, you are not a failure, you are more than enough, you can do all things with Christ by your side,you are a victor not a victim.



Have a blessed Day ahead

Stay motivated….